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17 July
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01. Me
Rome, Italy. An unlucky girl that doesn't understand people (especially of her country *coff coff*). Tumblr is my religion. Addicted to music (a lot of genres), football, food, books, movies & tv series, photoshop, english and photography. «c'est la vie de merde».
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Tipa sfigata a livelli galattici; Some people pray, I just turn up the radio; dipendente da cioccolata, film, telefilm, musica e Tumblr; amante del calcio a dispetto dei più scettici; pianista altalenante; scrivo storie per colorare il tempo - scribacchiatrice meteoropatica e amante dei gatti, malgrado vomitino sul mio libro di latino.
«If God exists, I hope he has a good excuse.»

02. Fandom
Teen Wolf, Grey's Anatomy, Sherlock BBC, Harry Potter, New Girl, True Blood, Downton Abbey, Criminal Minds, Greek, The Avengers, Shameless US, Supernatural. ♥

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